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Christoval Baptist Church - Homepage
Christoval Baptist Church
20085 Toenail Trail, Christoval, TX

Who We Are


Jesus Christ is the head of His universal church, and the head of this local church body - Christoval Baptist Church.



Honor God in faith, love and commitment.


Mission Statement:

We seek to: 

Glorify God through our personal faith in Jesus Christ and our commitment to Him as our Lord and Savior.

Demonstrate faith and commitment to God as displayed through corporate worship, fellowship, prayer, studying God's Word, discipleship, evangelism and missions.

Commit to love and edify one another as a body of believers through the unity of the Holy Spirit and to assist one another in growing in Christ-like maturity.


There is something for everyone here. We are made up of a wide variety of people with one common goal - to share our love of the Lord Jesus Christ together, each of us in our own unique way. We have a mix of long-time Christians, young Christians who seek a closer walk with God, and people who just know that something is missing in their lives.